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Friday, May 2, 2014

Story cast and crew of Bengali film Khasi Katha– A Goat Saga

Bengali film Khasi Katha– A Goat Saga will be released in this month. Noted Hindi film actor is portraying an important character in the film Khasi Katha.

Story of the Bengali film Khasi Katha

Naseeruddin Shah in Khasi Katha
The film Khasi Katha revolves around a talkative goat, about to be slaughtered and a butcher. At the beginning of the film, a butcher is going to slaughter a goat. Suddenly the goat starts talking and pleads with the butcher for life so that the animal can tell a story. The butcher agrees. The goat tells the butcher the story of Salma, a girl who belongs to a lower-middle-class family in Kolkata and dreams to become a boxer. The story is all about a woman’s fight against all odd situations to become a boxer.

Naseeruddin Shah plays the character of a Hindi-speaking butcher and Anindita Bose plays the character of woman boxer in Khasi Katha.

Cast and crew of Bengali film Khasi Katha

Naseeruddin Shah
Anindita Bose
Subhasish Mukhopadhyay
Prasun Gain
Biswanath Basu
Anindya Bandyopadhyay
Mir Afsar Ali
Joy Badlani

Director of Khasi Katha : Judhajit Sarkar
Written by: Judhajit Sarkar
Producer of Khasi Katha: Star Fine Movies

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