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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Subhashree Ganguly – News on Her Latest Works and New Partner

Subhashree Ganguly
Subhashree Ganguly is the busiest actress of recent times in Tollywood film industry. Within a span of 30 days, her three films will be released, film ‘Ami Sudhu Cheyechi Tomay’ is released on 12 May 2014. The other two films are ‘Game’ and ‘Sesh Bole Kichu Nei ‘. These two films will be released within June. Subhashree is passing through the golden period of her filmy career. In other aspects of life, Subhashree is in high peak right now. The actress has booked a bungalow at Bolpur and Subhashree has found a new partner in her life.

Previously Subhashree Ganguly was known as an actress who is not dedicated towards her work and not workaholic. Subhashree Ganguly has changed a lot, now she is a dedicated actress who never misses shooting schedules in spite of ill health. Subhashree herself admits that she is now very much focused about her filmy career. Subhashree is also performing in an item number in film ‘Bachchan’. Famous choreographer Ganesh Acharya will choreograph the item song ‘ Jotoi Guri orao rate, latai to aamar hate’. Subhashree Ganguly is very much hopeful about her upcoming film Sesh Bole Kichu Nei.

Subhashree Ganguly has a posh flat in South Kolkata and recently she has booked a bungalow at Bolpur. The bungalow is under construction. Subhashree plans to spend her weekends there with her parents.

New Partner in Shubhasree’s life

No, Subhashree is not dating her boyfriend. No new human being is in her life right now. Jilota is the new partner in Subhashree’s life. Jilota is a puppy of chihuahua breeds. Jilota is eight months old.

Presently Subhashree Ganguly has no plan to get married but she confirmed one thing that after marriage she will quit acting. Subhashree dreams to marry a non filmy NRI boy and settle down in foreign country. 

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