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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Srabanti Chatterjee News after Separation and Her Future Plan of Marriage

Divorce between Bengali actress SrabantiChatterjee and her husband Rajib Biswas is on process. Srabanti Chatterjee is presently staying separately with her parents and elder sister. Srabanti is not looking back and now her priorities are her own filmy career and her son Jhinuk’s upbringing.

Srabanti Chatterjee
Srabanti Chatterjee is working in Rajib’s upcoming film Bindaas and the film may be released during Eid this year. As per Srabanti, she is professional and she treats Rajib now as her director. Srabanti said that she never mix up her personal relation with her profession and so there is no problem in working in Rajib’s film. Srabanti’s last released film is Majnu and that too in last November. It seems that due to her personal troubles, she may have reduced her number of films in this year but Srabanti Chatterjee does not agree with this assumption.

Srabanti Chatterjee after separation with Rajib

Srabanti Chatterjee is young and glamorous actress in Bengali films. Srabanti feels that her decision to divorce Rajib will help her in many ways. She is now mentally stable and leading a peaceful life with her son, parents and sister. The troubles in her personal life has made her much more matured – as a mother and daughter.  Actress Srabanti Chatterjee is more focused now and she can concentrate on her work in better way. Srabanti Chatterjee can give more effective time to her son Jhinuk. Srabanti said that Jhinuk is now doing better in school exams. Srabanti feels the urge to explore different angles of life. Srabanti Chatterjee has achieved the confidence that she can handle every situation – ups and downs in life successfully. Srabanti Chatterjee still talks with Rajib Biswas whenever they meet on any occasion but there is no phone contact between them.

Srabanti Chatterjee and her future plan of marriage

Srabanti Chatterjee agrees that there can be no vacuum in this universe. Srabanti is now single but her own opinion is that she will not remain single for the entire life. Srabanti Chatterjee has many friends now but no ‘special friend’. Srabanti Chatterjee is not in a hurry to find her new life partner. Srabanti is now concentrating more in her filmy career and her son, Jhinuk but she is matured enough to realize that in future she must have a partner. Jhinuk is now a child and her parents will not be with her for ever so Srabanti Chatterjee would go for her second marriage whenever she finds her perfect match. Srabanti hopes that God will send the perfect man in her life at the right time. Srabanti has a condition for her second marriage, her new life partner must get ‘approval’ from Jhinuk.

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