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Monday, October 16, 2023

Biography And Personal Profile of Actress Mahua Roychowdhury

Mahua Roy Chowdury was one of the most beautiful actresses of Bengali film industry. The girl from a lower middle class family reached the top due to her acting potentiality, dancing skill and cute Bengali beauty. Mahua Roy Choudhury was in the industry in 70’s and 80’s. Untimely death of Mahua Roy Choudhury is a great loss to the Bengali film industry. Mahua died due to stove burst at her home which is still a mystery.

Brief profile of Mahua Roychowdhury

Date of birth of Mahua Roychowdhury: 24 September 1958

Debut: Mahua’s first film was Sriman Prithviraj in 1973

Acting tenure: 1973 - 1985

Original name: Shipra Roychowdhury. Director Tarun Mazumder changed her name to Mahua.

 Spouse: Tilak Chakraborty. Married Tilak on May 2, 1976

Son: Tamal, now in the Bengali film industry.

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Death of Mahua Roychowdhury: 22 July 1986 in a controversial fire accident. Many say that it was a suicide while it may be a case of murder also.
Since her childhood, Mahua Roychowdhury had a passion on dancing. Mahua used to dance in function in the tune of popular Hindi songs in the name of Sonali Roy. Education was not a subject of interest to Mahua Roychowdhury. Mahua studied upto class VIII.

Satyajit Ray's Assessment On Mahua Roychowdhury As An Actress

‘Who in your opinion is the finest actress Bengal has produced?’ Responding to an influential journalist friend’s question, Satyajit Ray said, without a moment’s hesitation: ‘Sabitri Chatterjee.’ Not Suchitra Sen, not Supriya Devi, not Madhabi Mukherjee (whom Ray had directed in three classics). Then, after a pause, he added: ‘The only other actor who comes anywhere close is Mahua Roy Choudhury.’ 

Death of Mahua Roychowdhury

Mahua Roychowdhury died in a Calcutta hospital after battling for 10 days against third-degree burns, All the prayers from all corners failed to save the queen of Bengali films at that time.At that time Mahua had almost 15 Bengali films in her hands.

According to Mahua’s husband Tilak’s statement, on that night of accident, Mahua was in a party at the next-door flat of film director Anjan Chowdhury. Rumour is that they used to gamble most of the nights at the directors house. Returning from Anjan’s flat, Mahua went to her kitchen and lighted the stove to heat mutton. Suddenly the stove burst and Mahua caught fire.

There is doubt over the accident theory as police found the stove intact and there wasn't a drop of kerosene oil in it. Doctors who treated Mahua Roy Choudhury said that smell of kerosene was coming from Mahua’s body.

Filmography of Mahua Roychowdhury

Sriman Prithviraj (1973)

Je Jekhane Dariye (1974)

Raja (1974): Director Tapan Sinha

Bagh Bondi Khela (1975, revised in 1989) 

Sei Chokh (1976)

Dampati (1976)

Anandamela (1976)

Jiban Morur Prante (1976)

Asamay (1976)

Ajashra Dhanyabad (1976)

Chhotto Nayak (1977)

Kabita (1977)

Behula Lokhindar (1977)

     Seshraksha (1977)

    Babumoshai (1977)

    Pratishruti (1977)

    Ranger Saheb (1978)

    Ghatkali (1979)

    Dub De Mon Kali Bole (1979)

    Daksha Joggo (1979)

Dour (1979)

Mother (1979)

Bono Basar (1979)

Ei to Sangsar (1979)

Satma (1979)

Paka Dekha (1980) 

Priyatama (1980)

Subarnalata (1980)

Kalo Chokher Tara (1980)

Sei Sur (1980)

Sesh Bichar (1980)

Parabesh (1980)

Dadar Kirti (1980)

Upalabdhi (1981)

Subarna Golak (1981)

Pratishodh (1981)

Kalankini (1981)

Surya Sakshi (1981)

Saheb (1981) - Bulti

Kapal Kundala (1981)

Father (1981)

Bodhon (1981)

Aaj Kal Porshur Galpo (1981)

Subha Rajani (1982)

Imon Kalyan (1982) - Mallika

Sonar Bangla (1982)

Amrita Kumbher Sandhane (1982)

Shathe Sathang (1982)

Faisala (1982)

Utsarga (1982)

Matir Swargo (1982)

Jabanbondi (1983)

Din Jai (1983)

Rajeshwari (1984)

Prayaschitta (1984)

Lal Golap (1984)

Parabat Priya (1984)

Shatru (1984)

Jog Biyog (1985)

Aadmi Aur Aurat (1985, TV Movie): Director Tapan Sinha

Aloy Phera (1985)

Amar Prithibi (1985)

Neel Kantha (1985)

Paroma (1985)

Sandhya Pradip (1985)

Till Theke Tal (1985)

Madhumoy (1985)

Anurager Chowa (1986)

Kenaram Becharam (1986)

Prem O Paap (1986)

Abhimaan (1986)

Dadu Nati o Hati (1986)

Jeeban (1986)

Shapmukti (1986)

Ashirbad (1986)

Madhumoy (1986)

Raj Purush (1987)

Lalan Fakir (1987)

Abir (1987)

Jawab (1987)

Ashirwad -1987

Jagoron (1990)

Sankranti (1990)

Rangbaaz (1993)

Jekhane Ashroy (2009) - (final film role)


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