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Friday, October 10, 2014

Bengali actress Arunima Ghosh and Current Phase of Her Acting Career

Arunima Ghosh
Bengali actress Arunima Ghosh is passing through good phase of her acting career. Arunima Ghosh started her acting career in small screen and afterwards shifted her focus on films. Arunima has tasted success in both the media but suddenly she disappeared from the industry. Now Arunima Ghosh is back again and getting challenging roles.

Why Arunima Ghosh disappeared from film industry

Arunima Ghosh started acting at the age of 15 years. Arunima Ghosh is from a educated family and her father is a doctor. Family never supported Arunima to take acting as career. Arunima was irregular at the starting phase as she had to manager her studies with acting. At the age of 22, Arunima worked in both TV serials and films but suddenly felt lack of motivation to work in same type of commercial films. She decided to work only in meaningful characters. Arunima feels that she was burnt out as she started working at an early age. During that phase, Arunima was simply leading a life of a common girl – viewing films and TV, sleeping. This stage of life actually prepared Arunima to work again and she started her second innings of career with film Nayika Sangbad.

Second Innings of Arunima Ghosh in Film Industry

Arunima’s second innings in film industry has started with film Nayika Sangbad. Nayika Sangbad is not a commercial film – it is a offbeat film and the actress is now seen only in offbeat films. This year Arunima Ghosh has acted in three films - Banku Babu, Bharate and Amar Ami. Arunima herself considers that the role in film Amar Ami is the most challenging.

Right now Arunima Ghosh has no plan of getting married. Arunima has no boyfriend. Arunima’s full focus is now on her acting career. Arunima Ghosh believes that her marriage will be an arranged marriage.

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