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Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy New Year Team visited Indore for promotion of the film

Happy New Year Team in Indore
Shah Rukh Khan and the other star cast of the film Happy New Year were in Indore to promote their film. Shah Rukh has expressed his faith in Indore by saying: “Indore truly gives a sense of the entire country. If Indoreans like a film, the rest of the country will like it for sure.” Shah Rukh further said: "So, Indore is the first place we call to know about the response our films get. I love to be in Indore. So many people love us and I am lucky to have such fans in Indore. I just want to thank Indore for such affection and I would love to come back here soon." 

Abhishek Bachchan has also one strong connection with Indore. Abhisekh’s mother Jaya Bachchan belongs to Bhopal and she was Jaya Bhaduri there. Abhisekh said: "I have been to Indore a number of times. I also have many friends here. Whenever I visited Bhopal, I used to come to Indore. So, I share a very special bond with this city. I love how the people here treat us like a family. Indore has changed a lot and I am glad that it is growing so rapidly." Another actor of Happy New Year, Sonu Sood also shares a bond with the city. Sonu said: "I have lived in Indore as a child. My father had his business here. I have spent some memorable time here so I love being in Indore and I love everything about this city."

Regarding the filmHappy New Year, Shah Rukh said: "Working in Happy New Year was the most wonderful experience I've ever had. Everyone on the set was so supportive and we all got along very easily. We had a great time shooting for the film." Actress Deepika said: "Since I was the only actress in the movie, everyone pampered me to bits. It was great to work with Farah and Shah Rukh again." Boman Irani said: "This movie really made me work a lot. Though the character I play was difficult to perform, it was a lot more difficult for me to dance in this movie. But somehow, with everyone's support, I managed to pull it off well." Vivaan Shah said:  "Working with so many great artistes teaches you a lot about the craft. I got to learn so many things while working in Happy New Year with such experienced stars." 

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