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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Srabanti Chatterjee and Her Fitness Mantra - Health Care and Diet Chart

Srabanti Chatterjee

SrabantiChatterjee is one of the most busy and sexy actresses in Bengali films of recent times. Srabanti’s beauty and sex lies in her face and figure. Srabanti Chatterjee takes a number of measures to keep herself beautiful and fit.

Health Care of Srabanti Chatterjee

Srabanti Chatterjee has oily skin which is prone to pimples, so Srabanti do not use soap at all. Srabanti cleans her face with Oriflame’s Tea Tree face wash. During winter, the glamourous actress of Bengali films uses a cold cream from L’Oreal. Srabanti also go for a Shehnaz pearl facial once in a while. Srabanti Chatterjee knows that she has dull hair, so she goes for a hair spa once a month and she uses shampoo and conditoner meant for dull hair from L’Oreal.

Once Srabanti gained lot of weight and she was 70kg at that time. Srabanti underwent the VLCC slimming treatment and worked out twice a day, an hour each time, 6 days a week. In addition to cardio — 30 minutes on the arc trainer and 20 minutes on the treadmill — she exercises different parts of her body on separate days.

 Diet of Srabanti Chatterjee

Srabanti Chatterjee eats a bowl of oats before going to gym and boiled egg whites and musambi juice after she returns. Lunch of Srabanti Chatterjee is boiled chicken, curd and papaya or watermelon. At the evening, Srabanti takes a cup of green tea and in dinner she takes brown bread or brown rice with boiled chicken.

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