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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Paoli Dam in Bangladeshi Film Satta

Paoli Dam
Bengali actress Paoli Dam will be seen in Bangladeshi film Satta. Paoli’s debut film in Bangladesh Satta will be directed by Hasibul Reza Kollol.Rubel, Paoli’s co actor in film Parapar will be her dad in the film Satta.

Paoli Dam is very much excited as she can visit faridpur in Bangladesh during the shooting days. Paoli’s family has a connection with Faridpur of Bangladesh. Paoli Dam’s grandparents were from Faridpur and they settled in India just before the partitioned.

Story of the film Satta

Story of the film Satta is based on family drama. The film revolves around a girl from poor family. Father of the girl is a dedicated family man who tries his best to run the family properly. The girl’s mother died and the life of the poor girl becomes miserable due to teasing and harassment by local people. The girl escapes to Dhaka and a love story starts there.

Shooting of the film will start from 16 November this year.

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