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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Raima Sen will play Sonagachi sex worker in Bollywood film Bollywood Diaries

Raima Sen
Raima Sen will play the role of a Sonagachi sex worker, Imli in KD Satyam's Bollywood Diaries and Raima’s shooting will start in Kolkata on 2 November.

Raima Sen’s character Imli in film Bollywood Diaries and the story of the film is very interesting. Actually the story is based on therr characters in three cities in India ans each of them wants to become Bollywood actor.

The first story is based on Bhillai, where Ashish Vidyarthi plays the role of  a 55-year-old government official who wants to become a Bollywood actor. The second story is on a sex worker of Sonagachi. Raima Sen is the Sonagachi sex worker Imli in film Bollywood Diaries. Imli copies all actresses in Bollywood and dreams to become an actress of Bollywood. The third story is on a Delhi based call centre employee who dreams to become a Bollywood actor. Salim Diwan plays the call center employee role

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