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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Film PK and the Blind Beggar

In film PK, audiences will see a blind beggar standing on the road and Aamir Khan comes, took coins from his begging bowl and left the place. This typical 5 seconds scene has changed the life of Manoj Roy, at least for the time being. Manoj Roy has gained popularity.

Who is Manoj Roy – the beggar in film PK?

Manoj Roy is a beggar from Assam who is a beggar. Manoj stands in front of Jantar Mantar in Delhi in disguise of a blind, deaf and dumb beggar. Manoj lost his parents at an early age and came to Delhi to earn. Since then Manoj is taking the disguise of a blind, deaf and dumb beggar and begging in front of Jantar Mantar.

Suddenly Manoj got the opportunity to act in the role of a beggar in film PK. Manoj and other 7-8 ‘blind’ beggars were in the audition which was held at Nehru Stadium in Delhi. Manoj was finally selected and the rest is history for the real life beggar.

Manoj Roy has talked with Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma during shooting of PK.

Manoj has already left the profession of begging and now he is working in a shop at Bedeti, Shonipur of Assam. Manoj hopes that he would now get chance to act in Assamese and Bengali films after the release of film PK.

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