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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Paoli Dam and Bengali Film Take Care

Recently Paoli Dam acted film Parapaar has been released and the performance of Paoli in the film was praised by filmy critics. Paoli Dam is now heading towards a new type of character in her next film ‘Take Care’. The film Take Care is based on a serious subject - breast cancer. Jayasree Bhattacharya will direct the film Take Care.

Story of the film Take Care

The film Take Care revolves around a breast cancer patient. In the film Take Care, Paoli Dam plays the role of a model who is suffering from breast cancer.  The film deals with the physical, psychological and mental challenges of the character after being detected with breast cancer. Film Take Care conveys a message - women should be aware of their own bodies.

Cast and Crew of the film Take Care

Paoli Dam

Rajesh Sharma

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