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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sandhya Rater Shefali – an autobiography of Miss Shefali (Arati Das)

Paoli Dam with Miss Shefali
Miss Shefali is a trend setter in Bengal as a cabaret dancer. Autobiography of the dancer of yesteryears was released recently. The book, Sandhya Rater Shefali has been written in collaboration with Shirsha Bandopadhyay which narrates the transformation of Arati Das to Miss Shefali, from extreme poverty to a life of extravagance and finally from colourful nightouts with friends to a life of loneliness.

The dancer is still known as Miss Shefali, very few people are aware that her actual name is Arati Das. Miss Shefali has witnessed every colour of life and now she resides in a small flat at Nagerbazar with her niece.

Miss Shefali felt the need to reveal the fact which forced a mere thirteen years old girl Arati Das to became a cabaret dancer. During 70’s Miss Shefali was considered as a sex bomb in Bengal. Miss Shefali appeared in cabaret dance sequences of many Bengali theatres apart from a regular cabaret bar dancer. Miss Shefali has acted in many cinemas also. People of that criticized the lady for wearing skimpy skirts and cleavage- revealing blouses and dancing at bars at night. People never bothered to know why the little girl from Bangladesh became a cabaret dancer. Miss Shefali’s father was forced to leave Bangladesh and settled down in Kolkata like many at that time. They were very poor and couldn't afford even one meal a day. 

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