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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What Subhashree Ganguly is doing and thinking presently

Subhashree Ganguly
What Subhashree is doing presently? Subhashree Ganguly is now busy with Tamil films. Will Subhashree Ganguly shift permanently to South for Tamil films? What Subhashree is thinking about her marriage, will she go for live in relationship? All questions are answered in this article.

Subhashree Ganguly is a rising actress in Bengali film industry. Once Subhashree was paired with Dev in many films and afterwards situations changed. Subhashree and Dev break up in personal life forced her to work independently. Now Subhashree Ganguly is a busy actress in Tamil films and most of the time she is spending in Chennai for shooting. Subhashree is expecting more offers from Tamil films and if the trend continues, in future Subhashree Ganguly may purchase a house there to make her second home there.
The Tamil film Mane Thane Payee is based on live in relationship between a dentist lady and an IT professional. Personally Subhashree Ganguly now believes in live in relationship and in future she may opt for such relationship before getting married.

Subhashree Ganguly is now side lined in Bengali film industry, at least she feels so. Break up of Subhashree Ganguly with Dev has an impact on her filmy career here. One big production house of Tollywood has already discarded her. Subhashree Ganguly was desperately looking for break and she got the chance in Tamil film. Now Subhashree is trying to reconstruct her career with Tamil films.

Subhashree Ganguly still hopes that one day she will again act with Dev. Right now Dev is not working with Subhashree and she thinks that it is too hard for her to survive in this industry. Subhashree Ganguly was casted opposite another top hero of Tollywood Jeet. Bengali film audiences were thinking that a new hit pair may come out but the situation changed as Jeet signed films with the production house which discarded Subhashree Ganguly from their films.

Let’s hope year 2015 will be a good and productive year for Subhashree Ganguly.

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