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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Srabanti Chatterjee made her debut in films in a Prosenjit starrar film

Srabanti Chatterjee
Srabanti Chatterjee is known as one of the most talented and glamorous actress in recent times. Srabanti Chatterjee has acted in different type of roles – romantic to serious. Presently Srabanti Chatterjee is acting in film Sesh Sangbad, a film of a debutant director. Both the actress and the director has respect for each other. Srabanti said: "I had wished to be an actor from a very young age. I reveled in giving expressions before the camera and not the other way round. I guess I couldn't have become anything but an actor." The actress further said: "My job is to portray what the captain of the shop wants. His wish should always get precedence."

The young director also said about Srabanti: "Srabanti had acted the scenes before me as we were discussing the film which is unlike a heroine when we were discussing the scenes at a coffee shop. And during one shooting schedule she had no qualms in giving five takes for a single shot one day as it went on and on."

Many may not be aware that Srabanti Chatterjee made her debut in films in a Prosenjit starrar movie. The actress said: "As I said I am more an actor than a star. I look at myself that way. I had probably picked up this value from Prosenjit Chatterjee who was my co-actor when I did a film with him in 1997 as an eight-year old. He had given me so much space despite age difference in my debut on big screen. You get as much respect as you give others."

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