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Friday, April 17, 2015

Latest news on Ronita Das – Ronita again in troubles

Ronita Das
RonitaDas is famous as Baha in Bengali TV serial ‘Isti Kutum’ of Star Jalsa TV channel. Isti Kutum is a popular TV serial and Ronita Das was playing the lead female role in the serial – Baha. Last year in August – September, Ronita suddenly left Isti Kutum of Star Jalsa and the reason given by her was that her health was not doing well and pressure of education forced her to left the serial.

Star Jalsa TV channel filed a case in court against the actress for her unprofessional attitude although the case is not solved yet. Recently Ronita Das is working as program conductor of a non-fiction TV show in Colors Bangla TV channel and the troubles is there.

Welfare Association of Television Producers (WATP) has sent a letter to all TV channels stating that actress Ronita Das can’t work in any channel this year upto 31 December due to her unprofessional conduct.

Ronita Das said that she is hurt with the steps proposed by WATP. Ronita said that she had really health problems when she left Isti Kutum. As per Ronita she had spine, polycystic ovary and thyroid problems at that time. Apart from the health troubles, Ronita had examination at that time – as said by the actress. Ronita Das said that she wanted a break at that time as she could not bear that pressure a mega serial at that time.

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