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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Paoli Dam – her latest film and personal news like depression

Paoli Dam
What Paoli Dam is doing now? What’s about love relationship of Paoli Dam with Vikram?  Are you interested to know about Paoli’s latest news? Paoli Dam talks about her depression. Read this article and you will get complete information about the Bong beauty. 

Recent released film of Paoli Dam is Ajana Batash. Paoli plays the role of a female protagonist, who feels suffocated because she wants to convey her feelings to someone but she can't. Paoli Dam recently said that the character she portrayed in the movie has many similarities with her own real life. After Deepika Padukone, Paoli Dam confesses about her depression in personal life.

Paoli Dam said that she was depression when Shiladitya Patranobis died. Shiladitya Patranobis was was a known name in the Bengali film and Bengali TV serials. Shiladitya died of renal cancer in 2008. Shiladitya and Paoli were in a relationship and the actress confessed that she missed Patronobis while walking the red carpet in Cannes  

Paoli Dam and Vikram were in relationship but the latest news is that they are not on talking terms now.

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