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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Paoli Dam and Kheya in Film Natoker Moto

Paoli Dam
Paoli Dam is playing the role of Kheya in Debesh Chattopadhyay’s Natoker Moto. The film is produced by Friends Communication and will be released on 21 August 2015. The film is based on the life of Keya Chakraborty, a stage actress of Seventies’ who drowned in the river Ganga while shooting for a film. At that time Keya Chakraborty was in the peak of her career and till today the death is a mystery.

Paoli Dam relates herself with Kheya in film Natoker Moto. Paoli Dam is inspired by the life of Keya Chakraborty. Paoli Dam said: “I didn’t know much about theatre actress Keya Chakraborty before I did Natoker Moto. Debeshda gave me a book on her life which I read before the film. Her life is so inspiring. Of course I had heard her name like I had heard of Tripti Mitra, Sombhu Mitra... but doing this film has been a life-altering experience for me. That an actress can be so talented, so committed to her work and yet lead such a simple life.... It was great playing Kheya. I used to wake up thinking about Kheya. I took a break for four months before Natoker Moto because she is not a character from history. Keya Chakraborty is a real-life person who was alive a few decades ago. I know I won’t get another such character soon.”

Paoli further said: “Ever since we started shooting for Natoker Moto, people have been very curious about the subject.... As an actress I have given everything to this character. It’s not like any other film because I had to do two kinds of acting in Natoker Moto — film acting and theatre acting. Enacting in the plays within the film was tough. We had plays like Nati Binodini, Antigone, Teen Poishar Pala, Prostab, Bhalo Manush.... Before we started shooting, Debeshda hired halls where we did regular rehearsals on stage. Initially, Debeshda wanted to do Natoker Moto for the stage audience. Good that he made a film and made me a part of it! It’s a dream role. “

Source: The Telegraph

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