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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sreelekha Mitra in hot news for Bengali film Choukath

Sreelekha Mitra
Bengali film Choukath is an women centric film and Sreelekha Mitra is excellent in the movie. Film Choukath will be remembered in future for the performance of Sreelekha Mitra and many feel that it is the comeback film of the actress. Sreelekha Mitra does not think that Bengali film Choukath is her comeback film as she is  active in the industry for long time without any break - as per her opinion.

Although Sreelekha is currently more seen in TV reality show programs, the actress has a great potentiality to reach the top in the industry. Sreelekha Mitra appeared in Coca Cola ad with Aamir Khan. Filmmaker Pradip Sarkar wanted Sreelekha Mitra to stay in Mumbai and assured her to give chance in ads but the sexy Bengali actress became busy with her marriage, pregnancy and divorce. Sreelekha Mitra never gives first priority to her career. Sreelekha once declined to work in a advertisement of a popular chips Company as she was pregnant.

Sreelekha Mitra never asks filmmakers for roles. Sreelekha loves her buxom figure and she is not ready to shred weight. Sreelekha loves her curves and thinks that her curves actually attract males towards her. Sreelekha is mainly playing the roles of housewife and she is satisfied. Sreelekha feels that her acting talent is not properly utilised in the industry. Let's see if Sreelekha Mitra's fortune shines after the Bengali film Choukath.

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