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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dev Subhashree Marriage in Film Dhumketu

Dev and Subhashree marriage but not in real life. Shooting of film Dhumketu starts with the marriage of Dev and Subhashree Ganguly

Second innings of Bengali film superstar Dev and actress Subhashree has been started with marriage - not in real life, in film Dhumketu. After a long gap of four years, Dev and Subhashree are working together. Once Dev and Subhashree presented many hit films for Bengali film audiences but due to personal problems they were separated in real life and reel life. In real life they are not united but in film the hot pair has again started working together.

Shooting of Kaushik Gangopadhyay's film Dhumketu has been started. Dev is producer of the film and the film Dhumketu is under the banner Dev Entertainments Ventures. On the first day of the shooting, Dev and Subhashree are seen in the dress of groom and bride. Dev is marrying Subhashree in the first shot of the film Dhumketu. 

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