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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dev Subhashree Rukmini and Dhumketu

Dev and Subhashree Ganguly are paired in Kaushik Ganguly directed film Dhumketu, After a long gap of four years, Subhashree is working with Dev - her ex-boyfriend. Dev is not only the hero of the film, he is producer of the film also. Dev is confident that the first look of the film Dhumketu will be excellent.

Dev and Subhashree relationship

Dev – Subhashree chapter is closed now but Dev still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend. Since the last four years, Subhashree’s presence in Bengali films was not very prominent. Subhashree was working in South films. Dev admits that he was very much worried about Subhashree during that period. ‘What type of films Subhashree is doing?’,  ‘Why Subhashree is working in this film?’ – these were the main concern of Dev about Subhashree. Dev thinks that Subhashree was also concerned about him.
During the shooting of film Khoka 420, Dev promised Subhashree that if he becomes producer then he will cast Subhashree in his first film as producer. Dev has kept his words.

Subhashree and Rukmini Maitra

Rukmini and Dev

Dev is now dating his girl friend Rukmini and they will get married within 1-2 years.   It is learnt that Rukmini is feeling insecure about Subhashree Ganguly. News is that Rukmini Maitra is seen in the outdoor shooting of film Dhumketu. Ids this due to Subhashree? 

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