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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Nia Sharma kissing Reyhna Malhotra photo goes viral

Nia Sharma kissing Reyhna Malhotra
Television actresses Nia Sharma and Reyhna Malhotra are in hot news with their lip locking photoNia Sharma and Reyhna Malhotra shares a close relationship and both are working in TV serial "Jamai Raja". 

Reyhna uploaded the photo and said : "Why so much hype about it? When a girl can kiss on cheeks, why not on lips? Nia and I, are very different kind of people. We like each other's positive attitude and fashion sense. We have become very good friends and we enjoy each other's company.

I had put up this pic on Instagram but fans took it very negatively. They started posting bad comments on the pic. Hence I had to take it off from Instagram. I want to make it clear that we both are not lesbians and very much straight. People kiss because they like that person. And with Nia and I share a very cute bond."

Reyhna further said:  "We didn't even think anything. It was a fun picture, but the comments forced me to pull it down. It took us a while to become friends, but now we are inseparable and she is my sister. I don't want to give this undue importance as the intention wasn't to grab eyeballs."

Nia Sharma is known for her bold attitude. Nia Sharma said: "Come on! What's the big deal about the kiss. We kiss each other every single day. We could choke each other to death with our hugs. There is nothing wrong or vulgar about it. It's not a publicity stunt either. I am single and this is how I am as a friend to my girlfriends. I don't mingle easily and if I am someone's friend, we will be all over each other. I don't know why people are making a mountain out of a molehill."

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