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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pijush Gangopadhyay is Dead

Pijush Gangopadhyay
TV, Film and stage actor Pijush Gangopadhyay died on Saturday, 24 October 2015. Hospital authority declared him dead on Saturday night at about 2.45 am.  From Saturday evening Condition of Pijush Gangopadhyay was deteriorating. Pijush was in ventilation still he had respiratory troubles. Pijush had high fever and blood pressure was also very low. Lever of Pijush Gangopadhyay was not functioning properly.

Pijush Ganguly (50), survived by his wife and a son following a multi-organ failure and fat embolism at Belle Vue Clinic.

On Saptami eveningcar of Pijush Gangopadhyay collide with a lorry at santragachi Setu.The car is totally smashed and both Pijush Gangopadhyay and Malobika Sen were injured. Malobika Sen's injury was not so critical.

Notable works of Pijush Gangopadhyay Chaar, Mahulbanir Sereng, Goynar Baksho, Laptop, Autograph, Amodini - (All Films).

TV serials:  Jol Nupur(current) and Chokher tara tui


  1. Shocking news. He was a man full of life. Bengali TV industry in particular has lost a highly talented and popular actor. May the alimighty God grant eternal peace to the departed soul.

  2. Very very Shocking News but who is Malobika Sen?May God grant Eternal peace to his soul.He was really a talented person


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