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Friday, October 30, 2015

Review of Payel Sarkar acted Hindi Film Guddu Ki Gun

Payel Sarkar and Kunal Khemu
Bollywood Hindi film Guddu Ki Gun is a sex comedy which deals with the story of the protagonist’s male organ turning into gold. Cast of the film Guddu Ki Gun: Kunal Kemmu, Payel Sarkar, Aparna Sharmam Sumit Vyas and others.

Kunal Kemmu plays Guddu in the film Guddu Ki Gun. Guddu is from  Bihar and he is actually a sells man in Kolkata selling washing powder. What actually Guddu dies is tactfully he woos and seduces the ‘bhabhis’ of the area. Guddu is very proud of his asset, organ. One morning Guddu finds that his organ has turned into gold. This happened as he has been cursed by the grandfather of one of his girlfriends. Payel sarkar is Kaali and Aparna Sharma is Bholi in the film Guddu Ki Gun.

Film Guddu Ki Gun is a sex comedy and Kunal Kemmu is a complete entertainer in this film. Sumit Vyas is Laddu in the film and his character is also entertaining. 
Payal Sarkar and Aparna Sharma have performed well in the film.

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