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Friday, October 2, 2015

Sreelekha Mitra and her marriage plan

Sreelekha Mitra
Another name of Bengali film actress in second marriage. Is Sreelekha Mitra planing for her second marriage? The sexy actress is in her 40's and separated from her first husband.

Sreelekha Mitra is now single and her daughter is also with her. Sreelekha is now happy but still does not know what will happen in future so far as marriage is concerned. Recently Sreelekha Mitra starrer film Mayer Biye has been released where the actress played the role of Aparna Ghosh.

In real life, Aparna’s life is to some extent same as Sreelekha Mitra’s own life. In film Mayer Biye, Aparna got married for the second time and her daughter took the initiative for her mother second marriage. Like Aparna in the film Mayer Biye, Sreelekha Mitra is also a a single mother and shares a great bonding with Oishi, her daughter.

Oishi once asked Sreelekha whether she would ever marry someone. Sreelekha Mitra told her that she don't know what the future holds. After the separation with Shiladitya Sanyal, I Sreelekha was lonely but gradually she has created her own life style and now she in a comfortable zone. Even Sreelekha’s brother's wife asked her if they should create her profile on a matrimonial site.

So we can conclude that Sreelekha Mitra in near future may get married for the second time.

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