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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Subhashree Ganguly again paired with Dev in film Dhumketu

Subhashree Ganguly
What Subhashree Ganguly is doing now a days? Which are the upcoming Bengali films of Subhashree Ganguly? Will Subhashree Ganguly be paired with Dev in future? Read this article to know about the upcoming film of Subhashree with Dev.

In 2015, Subhashree Ganguly is no where in Bengali films. Subhashree tried her luck in Hindi and Tamil films. Once Subhashree Ganguly shared a good relationship with Dev and the duo worked in many hit commercial films. Situation changed as their relationship has broken and Subhashree with her broken heart tried in other language films.

In year 2016, Subhashree will be again seen in Bengali films as she is now working in many films which will be released in 2016. Dev and Subhashree are in the lead roles in the film Dhumketu, directed by Kaushik Ganguly. Film Dhumketu will be released in 2016.

Story of the film Dhumketu

Film Dhumketu is about a married man's struggles to make ends meet. Megh is a tea estate manager in North Sikkim but suddenly he becomes jobless. Megh fights to bring back joy into his family's life inspite of all odds.

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