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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

TV and stage actor Pijush Gangopadhyay Critical

TV actor Pijush Gangopadhyay is admitted in a city Nursling home in Critical condition.
Yesterday actor Pijush Gangopadhyay was travelling in his car towards Howrah through Kona Express. Dancer Malobika Sen was also with Pijush Gangopadhyay in his car.

As per report car of Pijush Gangopadhyay collide with a lorry at santragachi Setu moving towards Midnapore. The car is totally smashed and both Pijush Gangopadhyay and Malobika are injured.

Local people rescued the injured artists from the vcar and initially they were admitted to Howrah Zilla Hospital. Malobika Sen's injury is not so critical but Pijush Gnagopadhyay's 
condition was detoriating. Operation will carried out on Pijush Gnagopadhyay today.
Pijush in injured on his head and chest.

Latest News as on 24 October 2015

Condition of Pijush Gangopadhyay is deteriorating. The actor is in ventilation. Dancer Malobika Sen is alright nor and she may be released from hospital tomorrow.

Last News: Pijush is Dead

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