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Monday, November 2, 2015

Actor Gulshan Devaiya Praises Paoli Dam

Gulshan Devaiya praise his co-star in film Paoli Dam saying that Paoli Dam is very good at the technical know-how of film making. Gulshan Devaiya is in lime light after his films like Shaitan and Hunter. Recently Gulshan Devaiya is playing a narcotic officer in Anurag Kashyap’s upcoming film Peddlers. 

Gulshan Devaiya recalls those days when he was very nervous doing an erotic scene in film Hate Story. It was Paoli Dam who made it really comfortable for him. 

Hate Story was not a hit movie and neither it helped both Gulshan Devaiya and Paoli so far as career is concerned. Paoli Dam is all set to make her comeback with Subhash Sehgal’s film Yaara Silly Silly. 

Gulshan Devaiya wished his co-star luck. “Paoli is fantastic actor to work with. I hope ‘Yaara Silly Silly’ does well and wish her all the best for the film.”

Film Yaara Silly Silly will be released on 6 November this year.


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