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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Rimi Sen Bigg Boss 9 and the battle of nerves

Rimi Sen
Normally Bigg Boss house evicts the most inactive participant every week but the case of Rimi Sen is very surprising. Rimi Sen is not at all interested to stay in the house of Bigg Boss 9. She has expressed her desire to leave the house several times still she is not evicted from the house. Rimi’s activities are also very boring in the house.

Rumours are in the air regarding the channel and Rimi’s contact. Rimi herself revealed that for the last three years the organizers of the show approached Rimi but this time she has accepted the offer as the money was handsome.

News is that Rimi and organizers have a contact that Rimi would get Rs. 2 crore even if she is eliminated at any episode but if Rimi herself decides to leave the show she will get only 20% of the amount assured to her.

Rimi is trying her best to be eliminated but at the same time organizers are trying to make Rimi leave the show on her own. An intelligent battle is going on.

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