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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why Rimi Sen is not married yet - is there any troubles between the actress and her mother

Rimi Sen
Bollywood actress Rimi Sen is good looking and sexy. Rimi Sen is recently in hot news due to her activities in Bigg Boss 9 house. Every contestants want to stay at Bigg Boss house with a dream to win but Rimi is most probably the only one who wants to leave the house. It seems that Rimi has some psycho problems, at least her activities proves it.

Rimi is not married and she is not even dating any one although she is now 34. Rimi Sen herself revealed that she has been in just one relationship so far and is not looking for love. Rimi also said that she's ok with marriage but cannot even think of having children. It;s a strange thinking.

Rimi Sen and her mother

Rimi Sen lost her father few years ago and she has no siblings. Rimi lives with her mother Sanghamitra Sen at Andheri, Mumbai. While entering the Bigg Boss 9 house, each and every contestants relatives were present there excepting Rimi's mother. Recently Rimi was seen sobbing in the Bigg Boss 9 house and Rimi’s breakdown was distressing for viewers but the actress's mother was unmoved. The mother said: “I watch the show every day so I don’t miss her. Also,  I’ve heard that she’s getting lot of votes.”

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