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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dev Rukmini and Dhumketu in their lives

Subhashree and Dev
Bengali actor Dev is in love with Rukmini Maitra and in future they would get married – this is as per latest news. Previously Dev and actress Subhashree Ganguly were in love but due to any unknown reason they are separated. Dev and Subhashree have worked together in many hit films but during last four years they did not work together. The ice has started melting and now they are working together in Kaushik Ganguly’s Bengali film titles Dhumketu.

Inside news is that onscreen and off-screen chemistry of Dev and Subhashree is just like they used to enjoy four years ago. Will the film will be a Dhumketu in Rukmini’s life? Is Rukmini scared of Subhashree?

Recently Dev and Subhashree were at Khurpatal in Nainital for the shooting of film Dhumketu.   During every break of the shooting, Dev was seen talking with someone in his mobile while only once Subhashree was found talking in her mobile. Who is calling Dev all the time? After the shoot of a song sequence, Dev and Subhashree hugged each other. Does it indicate anything?

In Nainital, the entire Dhumketu team celebrated Diwali and Dev was remembering those days when he used to reach Subhashree’s residence at Burdwan with lot of fire crackers to celebrate Diwali with the actress.

It is learnt that Rukmini was also with Dev in Nainital! Was she calling Dev all the time?

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