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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Gizele Thakral and Mandana Karimi controversies in Bigg Boss 9 house

Mandana Karimni
Gizele Thakral is the root of most of the controversies created recently in Bigg Boss 9 house. Gizele Thakral has already troubles with Rochelle, Priya, Keith and she is after Iranian beauty Mandana Karimi.

Gizele Thakral is attacking Mandana with rumours like her alleged divorce to Lalit Tehlan. Giselle Thakral also said that Mandana is presently dating Gaurav Gupta. Gizele Thakral has even said that Mandana is hiding her actual age.

When Mandana tried confronting Gizele about this, she was seen being defensive saying ' I was hurt with your attitude towards me, so I am doing this."

Rumour is that both Mandana Karimi and Gizele Thakral share a controversial past.

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