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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Subhashree Ganguly manhandled at Falakata College

Subhashree Ganguly

Bengali actress Subhashree Ganguly was today manhandled at Falakata College fest, Jalpaiguri. Subhashree Ganguly was in the college for annual fest and few students molested her. Subhashree slapped one of them.

Subhashree Ganguly was supposed to perform at Falakata College's annual fest. After the incident, she didn't perform. The actress took the stage to tell the audience what happened to her. She also pointed at the boys who allegedly misbehaved with her backstage. 

"I have come from very far for your love and affection. But the way some boys treated me, no girl would like that. Still, I want to thank you all for waiting for me. I am not in a mental condition to perform. I am going back," Subhashree said before leaving the fest. 

College students union of Falakata College is run by TMCP and from the union it is said that the culprit is not from TMCP. 

Baidyanath Mahanta, organiser the show said, "Police were taking us to the green room. Some 25 metres away from the greenroom, we noticed a swelling crowd. They broke the barricade and came uncomfortably close to the actor. We had bouncers who managed the situation." 

Well done Subhashree!

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