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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Film Challenge 3 in year 2017

Challenge series films will continue to entertain Bengali audiences yet another time. In year 2017, Challenge 3 will be released.

First film of Challenge series, ‘Challenge’ was released in 2009 with Dev and Subhashree Ganguly in lead roles. Commercially successful director Raj Chakraborty directed the film and the film was a super hit. Music director Jeet came as a singer for the first time with the song "Bhajo Gaurango" although the song created controversy. Shree Venkatesh Films is the producer and they produced the second film of the Challenge series title Challenge 2 in year 2012.

In Challenge 2, Raja Chandra replaced Raj Chakraborty as director and actress Pooja Bose replaced Subhashree Ganguly. Challenge 2 also become block buster Bengali film of the year.

The third film of Challenge series, Challenge 3 will be produced in 2017 with Dev in the lead role. Director and lead actress of the film is yet to be decided.

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