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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Chander Pahar 2 will start from March this year

After the grand success of Chander Pahar, director Kamaleswar Mukherjee is getting prepared for the sequel of Chander Pahar. Shooting of film Chander Pahar 2 will start from March this year in the Amazon rainforests.

Dev was seen battling black mambas and lions in film Chander Pahar and this time he will be seen in many dangerous scenes. Dev has started training in horse riding and swimming for film Chander Pahar 2.

Director of film Chander Pahar 2 said that base camp of the shooting team will be Manaus in Brazil and they will shoot extensively in the two rivers, Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes. There will be many underwater shots and Dev is getting prepared for it. In film Chander Pahar 2 anacondas, black caimans, jaguars, rattlesnakes and many other animals will be seen.

Dev will play the lead role and Bengali actress Laboni Sarkar will be Dev’s mother in film Chander Pahar 2. There will be 10 actors from Brazil.

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