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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mimi Chakraborty as Noti Binodini in upcoming film of Agnidev Chatterjee

Mimi Chakraborty
Filmmaker Agnidev Chatterjee is all set to direct a film on Bengal's legendary theatre personality Noti Binodini.

The film will be at the backdrop of the Great National Theatre, the film is an epic passionate retelling of Binodini's life and her interactions with mentor Girish Chandra Ghosh. The film revolves around her whirlwind affair with her unnamed lover, the elite patrons who walk through her life and Gurmukh Rai's, a rich businessman, obsession for her.

The script writing work is going on and the cast will be finalized once the script is completed. So far Mimi Chakraborty is almost finalized as Binodini and Shankar Chakraborty as Girish Ghosh in the film.

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