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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli latest news

Anushka and Virat
Anushka and Virat
“Love is evil, spell it backwards” so said the great Rap-God Eminem. But is it actually so? Ask the cricketers and they will give you the answer. For instance, the case of Virat and Anushka. People seem to be more involved in making trolls of Anushka related to Virat rather than watching the match with its true intentions.

Recently, trolls related to Virat’s improvements in matches have been tagged with Anushka breaking up with him. To add some more spices, Pandya rejecting Anushka has also been the hot troll. In true Bollywood style, the hero, Virat enters to save his beloved in distress from harsh comments. He says that he is ashamed of people who are making fun of Anushka, he also adds that Anushka has only enlightened his life by bringing positivity. Things seem to be sweeter between them. Sunil Gavaskar comes to support Virat by saying that Anushka is a lovely girl and both of them looked terrific together. Media is bringing them closer, he adds, unknowingly.

Well, it is also being heard that Virat and Anushka had never split. Only the two of them know the actual truth. We can only hope to see Anushka in the match gallery, looking forward to Virat scoring a handsome run.

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