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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bangladeshi actress Tanha Tasnia and her film Bhola To Jayna Tare

Young and glamourous Bangladeshi actress Tanha Tasnia
Tanha Tasnia
Tanha Tasnia is a Bangladeshi actress who has already worked in three films. The third film Bhola To Jayna Tare is all set to release shortly although her her earlier two films are not yet released. Tanha Tasnia has worked in Shakib Khan and Pori Moni starrer film Dhumketu which is based on a love triangle. Film Bhula To Jayna Tare will be released on 18 March 2016.

Tanha Tasnia is a Facebook friend of Nirab and from there she came to know that Rafik Sikder was looking for a new face for the film Bhola To Jayna Tare. Tanha applied and she was selected. Tanha Tasnia is presently getting offers for films but she is very selective as she wants to establish herself as a powerful actress in Dhallywood film industry.

In film Bhola To Jayna Tare, Tanha will be seen as Nilanjana, a Hindu girl. Nilanjana loves Muslim boy Nirab but her family forced her to marry a Hindu boy Hillol. The film revolves around the love between Nilanjana and Nirab.

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