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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bengali film Andarkahini is based on four short stories

Bengali hot actress Priyanka Sarkar
Priyanka Sarkar
Eastern zone of head of ‎National Film Development Corporation Arnab Midday is making his debut as film director with film Andarkahini. Shooting of the film Andarkahini is completed and post production job of the film is going on.

Bengali film Andarkahini is based on four stories and all the stories are women centric. Actress Priyanka Sarkar is playing all the four woman characters.

Plot of the film Andarkahini

First story of film Andarkahini revolves around a daughter and her father. The daughter takes care of her ill father. A normal father-daughter relationship turns into different angle. Priyanka Sarkar is the daughter and Siddhartha Chottopadhyay is playing the role of the father. Anindya Chottopadhyay is in the role of Priyan’s boyfriend in this film.

In the seconf story, Priyanka Sarkar is playing the role of Bulti, a girl who’s parents have died. Bulti and Bulti’s elder brother are living together they have a good relationship. The brother and sister manage a tea stall as their source of income. Sumit Sammader is in the role of Bulti’s elder brother. One day Bulti felt in a great trouble but got no support from her elder brother. Actor Rajesh Sharma is also in this part of the film Andarkahini.

The third story is between two girls who are friends. Sayani is a town girl and Laxmi is a village girl. Sayani Ghosh is in the role of Sayani and Priyanka Sarkar will be seen in the role of Laxmi. The girls met accidentally and came closer but a different relationship appears.

In the fourth story, Priyanka Sarkar is Priya and she is married. Priya and her husband are happily married couple but they took a challenge to prove their love for each other.

Soumitra Chottopadhyay is playing the pivotal rile in the film.

The film will be released in Kolkata in 2017.

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