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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Dev Confesses his relationship with Rukmini Maitra

Dev and Rukmini
This was known to all that Bengali film superstar Dev and Rukmini Maitra are in love but they never confirmed it. Both Dev and Rukmini always said that they are just good friends and nothing more but now Dev has confessed his love for Rukmini.

Dev and Rukmini Maitra are working together in film Champ and this is the debut film for Rukmini. Dev is now gradually revealing his relationship with Rukmini Maitra. Dev finds special qualities in Rukmini which make her different from others. Dev confesses that Rukmini has a great contribution behind his success and she is the motivation of Dev. Dev depends a lot on Rukmini in everything and the actor's parents also love Rukmini.

From Dev's confessions it is clear that Dev and Rukmini will very soon take the next step to complete their romantic relationship.

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