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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

TV actress Shama Sikander attempted suicide five years back

Shama Sikander
Popular TV actress Shama Sikander is recently in news for her candid confessions. Shama confessed that she attempted suicide once.

Shama Sikander revealed that she suffers from bipolar disorder. Recently Shama Sikander said to a leading daily: "I started finding conversations boring. I didn't want to meet anyone and stopped liking myself. Everybody I met during that phase was bored of life. My career and love life added to the stress. I wasn't eating or looking right. This can't be overnight; I am sure it must have been accumulating since several years."

Shama Sikander's ex boyfriend Alexx O'Neil first found out that the actress suffers from the disorder. Shama Sikander said: "Alexx, who has a degree in Psychology, suspected that I had bipolar disorder and advised me to consult a doctor. But at that time, I didn't want to get cured; I just wanted to give up. Though my life was going great, I was bored of it; nothing would impress or excite me. I even tried to commit suicide one night. I kissed my mother good night and told her not to wake me up. After that, I swallowed several sleeping pills at one go. Just before slipping away, I texted my brother my bank account details, which made him panic. He immediately called my mother to check on me and I was rushed to the hospital three hours later."

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