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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sunny Leone Looks Petrified On Raees’s Promotional Train Trip

Sunny Leone
Shah Rukh Khan has started a new style of promoting films. A man died due to huge mob at Vadodara railway station on Monday (23 January 2017). In future our stars have to  consider that their business promotional activities should not take the life of the common man. The man who died was at the Vadodara railway station at that time not to watch Shah Rukh. 

Shah Rukh Khan along with Sunny Leone were on a promotional trip to Delhi from Mumbai for their upcoming release ‘Raees’ by train. They had a ten minutes’ halt at Vadodara railway station and a large amount of crowd gathered at the Vadodara station resulting chaos that led to lathi-charging the crowd for control. Fans went crazy to get a glimpse of their favourite stars. While Shah Rukh Khan came to the foot board of the August Kranti Express train to waive for his fans, Sunny Leone looked visibly shaken seeing such a huge mass of people waiting on the platform.

Sunny Leone came to Mumbai station wearing a burkha to escape the crowd and initially she was excited for the promotional journey. Seeing the crowd going crazy at Vadodara station, the porn star turned mainstream actress was very nervous.

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