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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber On Valentine’s Day

Few questions were placed before Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel by Hindustan Times and the entire question - answer is given below:

Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber
What’s your best memory of Valentine’s Day?

Sunny: Daniel sent me flowers, a letter and a mix CD across the world to where I was. I was alone but it was the best Valentine’s with him ever.

Daniel: That particular Valentine’s Day, we chatted and ate dinner on the phone together.

What nicknames have you given each other?

Sunny: Hahaha! I call Daniel many things - booballa and dolly are my favourite.

Daniel: I call her baby

What do you find hilarious about how love is depicted in Bollywood films?

Sunny: That love always happens at first sight. LOL

Daniel: For me too, love at first sight... how is that possible???

What kind of romantic scenes make you cringe?

Sunny: Love at first sight but then they have a huge fight the day later. What else do they expect they only met the day before? Haha!

Daniel: Ummmmm, still thinking....

Which Bollywood film or actor makes you laugh endlessly?

Sunny: Salman Khan

Daniel: Govinda is really funny!

If you were to enact one Bollywood couple on-screen… who would that be?

Sunny: Salman and Kareena in Bodyguard (smiles). I love that film.

Daniel: Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol

What do you feel about actors dancing around the trees? Ever tried?

Sunny: I think it’s sweet.

Daniel: It’s funny and cute at the same time. I’ll have to try it with Sunny.

Share one romantic yet dramatic (funny or cheesy) dialogue that you have learnt from any Hindi film

Sunny: Errrrrr... there are quite a few!

Daniel: Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Anjali, Tum Nahi Samjhogi

One Bollywood actor/actress you can cheat your partner with?

Sunny: No one ever!

Daniel: I have the best and the most beautiful with me, I don’t need to ever look elsewhere.

What do you mostly fight about, if at all?

Sunny: Who is making who late (grins)

Daniel: Sunny being late!

And who makes up after a fight?

Sunny: We both make up because we can’t stay mad at each other.

Daniel: Anyone actually! We never go to bed angry.

Do you check each other’s mobile phones? Or there is a pact?

Sunny: The day that I might have a feeling like that, is the day something is seriously wrong.

Daniel: I have no reason to check her phone.

Do you know each other’s email passwords?

Sunny: Yes, because over nine years, there are situations where we need to help each other out and check the email.

Daniel: Yes, because from time to time, we have to find emails for work. We don’t have anything to hide from each other.

What’s that one thing you dislike about each other?

Sunny: I don’t hate anything about my husband.

Daniel: She’s perfect

And one thing you adore about each other?

Sunny: I love that he makes me laugh all day.

Daniel: We smile and laugh all day

Source: Hindustan Times 

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