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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rekha and the sindoor on her forehead

Rekha and sindoor mystery
The personal life of veteran Bollywood actress Rekha is still a mystery. Rekha rarely attends gatherings but whenever she appears in any social gatherings or filmy party, sindoor on her forehead is always present. For whom Rekha is putting sindoor, whose sindoor is Rekha always seen wearing? The question is still unanswered.

Rekha's previous businessman husband Mukesh Agrawal died in 1991, but till date she's seen wearing sindoor at all the events and social gatherings. Rumour is that Rekha wears the sindoor in the name of Amitabh Bachchan. But there is another story which is presently surfaced. Rumour is that Rekha was secretly married to Sanjay Dutt and she wears the sindoor for Sanjay Dutt. The reports  claim that during shooting of film Zameen Aasmaan in 1984, Rekha and Sanjay Dutt came quite close and they got married secretly.

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