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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Ankush Nusrat and Sayantika and film Ami Je Ke Tomar

Ankush, Nusrat and Sayantika are now in Italy to shoot a song sequence for Ravi Kinagi's next film, Ami Je Ke Tomar. 

Ankush Nusrat and Sayantika towards Italy

The film is a relationship drama where Ankush Hazra plays a dashing, young millionaire with a heart of gold. He successfully runs a chain of resorts. Sayantila plays the best friend and business associate of Ankush in the film Ami Je Ke Tomar,

Ankush meets Nusrat through an accident when his car bumps into Nusrat's cycle. Nusrat gets a job in Ankush's resort. Gradually Ankush and Nusrat start coming closer. On the other hand, Sayantika loves Ankush but keeps it hidden. Ankush comes to know about Nusrat's past life and the rest can be guessed what happened.

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