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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Srabanti Chatterjee and categorisation of genre

Bengali actress Srabanti Chatterjee does not believe in categorisation of genre. Srabanti believes in good film or bad film. 
Srabanti Chatterjee

Srabanti Chatterjee is making her comeback on big screen after marriage with Krishan Vraj, a model and a photographer, in July 2016. Srabanti has very clear cut conception on which film to accept or not. The glamorous actress said "It is our problem that we slot a film in a particular genre with so much haste. What is arthouse, what is commercial, what is middle-of-the-road! Ultimately what matters is a good role and not the genre. I love to do all types of characters and various genre films, all films are commercial and mass movies."

After her second marriage, Srabanti has started working and the sexy glamorous actress has a huge fan followers in Tollywood.

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