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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sunny Leone and condom ads

The women’s wing of the Republican Party of India (A) has demanded to ban Sunny Leone's condom ads.
Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone's reaction to this demand is “My reaction to this is that only the government can decide what’s best for the citizens, and I am no one to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do in a democracy! I can’t really say anything about what people should do and what people should not do. India is a democracy, one of the greatest things about India is the democracy and free speech. People can say whatever they want to, what do I have to do with it? The government decides what is suitable for the citizens, and that’s the end to this question!”

On 17 April, Monday, the women’s wing of the Republican Party of India (A) demanded that condom ads featuring Sunny Leone should be banned and the reasons given by them . “The advertising campaign objectifies the feminine gender and has proved to be a sheer embarrassment for all women viewers… It’s a very ugly scene and conveys a very different message.”

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