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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Bengali Film K: Secret Eye Story Cast & Crew and Review of the Movie

Detective films are doing good box office business in Tollywood Bengali film industry. After Feluda, Shabar, Kaka Babu and Byomkesk, Bengali film audiences have seen Kiriti Roy in silver screen. Another detective is all set to appear and he is 'K'. In upcoming detective film 'K: Secret Eye’, Rudranil Ghosh will be seen in the role of a private investigator, 'K'. Director of the film is Abhirup Ghosh and other main characters will be portrayed by Rajatava Dutta, Debasmita Bose and others.
Rudranil and Debasmita in film K: Secret Eye 

Story of the film K: Secret Eye

The film K: Secret Eye is not only about detective and crime, audiences will get science fiction, horror elements in the film. In the film K: Secret Eye, private investigator K runs a detective agency named Secret Eye. He has an assistant, who helps him by providing technological support. Detective K is hired by a girl named Nilanjana who has come to Kolkata to search her missing father. At the same time, supernatural murders begin to take place in Bengal. K realizes that the missing father of Nilanjana is behind these events.

Cast and Crew of film K: Secret Eye


Rudranil Ghosh as K
Rajatava Dutta as assistant of K
Debasmita Bose as Nilangana


Director of film K: Secret Eye: Abhirup Ghosh
Music of  film K: Secret Eye: Aviraj Sen.

Official trailer of the film is released:

The film is eyeing for release on 26th May.

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