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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Actress Swastika Dutta and Her Diet To Reduce Weight

Swastika Dutta is a budding actress in Bengali TV serials and film industry. Swastika Dutta has reduced 12 kgs to remain slim and trim. How Swastika has reduced her weight? Strict diet and exercise has helped Swastika to burn fat.
Swastika Dutta Before and After

Swastika Dutta made her filmy debut in 2015 with Raj Chakraborty film 'Parbo Na Ami Charte Toke'. Since that time Swastika is liked by Bengali TV and filmy audiences. At that time Swastika was a bubbly girl and the buxom girl started to maintain her figure. Workout and strict diet has done the magic for Swastika Dutta. Now the girl is 48 kgs, 12 kgs less than that time.

Swastika Dutta started taking liquid diet, fruit juice, rice-dal in liquid form. Presently she follows the same diet although takes solid foods also.

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