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Monday, October 15, 2018

Actress Kritika Sharma Accuses Casting Director Vicky Sidana of Attempted Rape

Actor Kritika Sharma has accused casting director Vicky Sidana of sexual harassment, attempted rape saying "He pushed me on bed, pulled down my pants & forced himself on me."
Kritika Sharma

In an interview, Kritika Sharma said that the harrowing incidence took place five years back when she had met the casting director for the first time for an audition. In 2013, Kritika met Vicky for an audition at his office. The actress said “I was sitting there - he walks up to me and the first question he threw at me was agar mai teri help karta hu, toh mujhe kya milega. I understood what he's trying to ask me. I said obviously if I become a known person in the industry - people will automatically get to know you cast me for this. He was like tu uski chinta mat kar - mera naam bahut hai already usko tu bhool ja - tu mujhe ye bata tu mere liye kya kar sakti hai.”

Kritika agreed to stay at Vicky’s house because he was married and she thought that it will be safe to stay with his wife. At his home, the casting director attempted rape as described by the actress.

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