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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Raj Chakraborty Upcoming Film Adventures Of Jojo

Dream project of Raj Chakraborty will be released on 23 December, just 2 days before the Christmas. Hope the children adventure drama film Adventures Of Jojo will be liked by all. It is expected that the film  Adventures Of Jojo would be a box office hit.

The film  Adventures Of Jojo revolves around two friends Jojo, Shibu and animals. Jojo is a city boy while Shibu is son of a mahut. They belong to totally two different classes of the society. Jojo is on a mission to save the life of a tiger named Chengiz. Jojo takes the help of Shibu.

 Adventures Of Jojo is a film based on friendship, adventure, tiger poaching and wildlife conservation.

Joyjit Banerjee's son Joshojeet Banerjee will be seen as Jojo and Shahaj Pather Goppo fame Shamiul Alam will play the character of Shibu in film  Adventures Of Jojo. Rudranil Ghosh plays a pivotal role in the film. 

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